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hould be disposed of at the same time, thecorpse32was swathed in a spareawning33,lashed34up, and weighted with a length of im体育如何才能秒确认 chain. The steward produced a Prayer Book and handed it to the temporary skipper. Burgoyne, noting that a bare ninety seconds remained, read a few portions of the burial service, then, with every man of the Donibristle's crew within sight knocking off work andstanding35bareheaded, the mortal remains of Mrs. Vivian were committed to the deep.

"Perhaps," thought Alwyn, as he turned away, "perhaps it was as well that Miss Vivian did go below. There are limits even to the endurance of human nature."

The voice of the pirate lieutenantbawling36out orders in broken English attracted Burgoyne's attention. A signal had just been received from the Malfiliocountermanding37the previous order, and instructing Henriques to send the prisoners below and get under way. So the boats were swung in again and secured.

By the time that this work was completed, and before the im one体育平台 British deck-hands and officers could be sent below, a faint buzzing that momentarily increased caused all hands to look skywards. Approaching the Malfilio at a high speed was a small seaplane. At first Burgoyne and many of his comrades thought that it was anaval38scout39, and that deliverance was at hand; but the fact that no hostiledemonstration41was made on the pirate cruiser quicklybanished42this hope.

The seaplane waswinding43in awireless44aerial as she circled round the Malfilio. Without the slightest doubt it was by this means that the Malfilio had been placed in touch with herprey45. The fuselage was dumpy and the monoplane spare and small, and by the corrugations of the wings Burgoyne rightly concluded that they were of metal. She was of an earlier type with a single motor of comparatively low power —but quite sufficient to enable her to be a valuable adjunct to IM体育偷分原理 the pirate cruiser.

The "winding-in" completed, the seaplane alighted on the surface and "taxi-ed" alongside the Malfilio. A derrick swungoutwards46from the cruiser, and a steel wire rope wasdeftly47shackled48to the eyebolt of a "gravity band" round the fuselage. Even as the machine rose from the water,dangling49at the end of a wire rope, her wings swung back and folded themselves against the body, and in this compact form the aerial scout vanished from sight behind the Malfilio's superstructure.

This much Burgoyne saw before he was compelled to follow the remaining officers and deck-hands, including the Cockney who had been told to stand by the whistle lanyard, and who, during the operation of swinging in the boats, had seen his officer's signal for recall.

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